Episode 7

Published on:

9th Apr 2021

The horsemen of the website apocalypse (and their buzzkill pal)

In the grim darkness of the far future, there's no such thing as websites… or is there? Join Calamity Jenna, Nasser the Kid, and Dan "Just Dan" Temby as they mount their steeds to explore the very real prospect of a websiteless future. Our intrepid trio set the record straight at speakeasies along the way, including:

  • Why APIs are the heralds of website death
  • Google's war on clicks: Benign or malignant?
  • Platformification and the platform economy
  • Schema markup's inevitable renaissance
  • Will the website disappear or metamorphose?

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Inside the Funnel takes listeners into the world of marketing leadership, where decision makers make big decisions, data informs everything, and ROI is just one of many metrics that matter. Join DAC's Jenna Watson, Dan Temby, and Nasser Sahlool—marketing trailblazers and incorrigible rascals—as they explore personalization at scale, customer analytics, and other real-world marketing matters that determine the success of strategies, tactics, brands, agencies, and even entire careers.


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