Episode 10

Published on:

7th Jul 2021

Björn's brilliant B2B blueprint

Is B2B marketing really more challenging than B2C? The digital age has blurred the lines between the two, so we enlisted T-Systems' Head of Digital Marketing, Björn Radde, to reveal truths from one of Europe's most successful B2B operations. Join Nasser, Dan, and Jenna as they pick Björn's brain to reveal:

  • Why B2B doesn't mean "boring to boring"
  • The duality of B2B/B2C experiences
  • How to reverse-engineer the sales funnel for major deals
  • Why B2B sales will be insulated against the loss of third-party cookies
  • How to nurture an effective B2B culture: Test, learn, and upskill

LINKS: DAC: "Why Google's new Customer Match is a great news for B2B marketers" | ATTRIBUTIONS: "radio band.wav" by Paper Jam of Freesound.org

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